Thursday, 12 January 2012

Etsy Blog Ring: JuJuBeads by Judy Adolph

Cindy from RetroChalet began a Blog Ring, a continuous line of blog posts promoting other sellers on Etsy. As promised, here is my contribution.
As a jewellery designer-maker, I know how hard it can be trying to find buyers amidst the sea of competition, the jewellery category being the largest on Etsy. 

The store I am reviewing for today’s post is one that is succeeding in gaining sales where others remain patient still. 

JuJuBeads is a lively jewellery store on Etsy established by former piano teacher, Judy Adolph from Northport, New York. 

‘Born out of sheer enjoyment,’ the quality of artisanship that Judy brings to each of her pieces conveys that message loud and clear. 

Using a variety of interesting materials, such as crystal, gemstone, and glasswork beads, Judy creates bracelets, rings, necklaces and other forms of jewellery that contain an elegant, unusual charm. 

I found it tough trying to decide between the great selection of items Judy has in her store, but eventually I narrowed down my list of favourites to two pieces; 

1. The Crystal Bracelet in Brown and Gold 

I really love this item; it has an antique feel to its style and really appeals to the traditionalist within me. Yet it is made of quality, contemporary materials. 

Brown is a colour I wear often, so this would certainly suit my wardrobe, but brown and gold are such versatile colours that this piece would probably go with many outfits. 

2. Amethyst Rhodonite Bracelet with Heart Toggle Clasp 

I am a huge lover of gemstone jewellery, but amethyst is just so gorgeous, one of my all-time favourites. 

Judy has paired the amethyst with peachy rhodonite and I find the two complement each other very well. 

I really love the toggle clasps used, intricately detailed, which inspires a faintly Victorian appeal and heart shaped thus perfect for Valentine’s Day. 

Those are my two favourites from Judy’s store, JuJuBeads, but there are so many beautiful items there's probably something for everyone. 

I thought I’d also give a short store critique, as it may be of some use to Judy, as well as other Etsians looking for tips. 

JuJuBeads is an amazing store, there really isn’t very much to say in the way of criticism, the items are all very unique and there is definitely an overall style that persists throughout, which is great for branding. 

The only area I think JuJuBeads could improve on, slightly, is photography; the benefits of having unified photos always work to bring sales flying in. 

However, I really love this particular picture:

I think this photo is one of the best in the store and has a very professional quality to it that some of the others could use.

And that’s it, my little contribution to the Blog Ring on Etsy. Many thanks to Judy for participating. 

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