Saturday, 31 December 2011

Looking to New Horizons in 2012 and a Happy New Year to You!

While the first minutes of 2012 are looming just a few hours away, I feel it’s a perfect moment to look back at 2011 and say a huge thank you to friends, family, fans, followers and, of course, my customers. 

2011 has been a momentous journey for me. Not only is it the year I finished my degree and said goodbye to friends at uni, many of whom have sadly moved to far off places, but it is also the year that I discovered my talents with wire crochet and began Wrapped by Design, which has become more successful than I had ever imagined it would in such a short space of time.

2011 has been one long learning curve for me not only in areas of business and education, but also in areas of life, friendships, loved-ones and not so loved-ones!

If 2012 has more of the same to offer me, as 2011 had, then I shall be happy. That’s not to say I won’t be striving for better!

So I have set up a few goals for 2012, for my personal life and for the life of Wrapped by Design.

In my personal life, the eat-nothing-until-I’m-slim diet begins tomorrow! I intend on eating way healthier than I have been.

Being a student puts all sorts of pressures on the diet and 2012 is the year to right all the dietary wrongs I committed in 2011.

In terms of Wrapped by Design, my main goal is to design at least 50 new pieces and get my inventory up past 100 items by the end of february. 100 is supposed to be the magic number in terms of being seen and getting sales, so that is the goal.

Secondary to working on new items, I aim to reach 50 Etsy sales by the end of January (currently at 36), I also want to reach 100 Not on the High Street sales by the end of February (currently on 58). I will update you on those goals when it’s time.

Also, you may (or may not) have noticed that I have opened a new store called Silver Twine, which sells earrings. I hope to develop this business up to be as successful as Wrapped by Design.

And, of course, there are numerous dates on the calendar, which give all sellers something to focus on. Valentine’s Day is coming up, but before that, we have January, the time of year when garnet sells pretty well.

I will definitely be drawing up a yearlong plan of special pieces and not forgetting that work on Christmas 2012 begins as early as July, only 7 months away!

So I say a very big warm and cuddly thank you to everyone who helped make 2011 successful and I hope to see you all in 2012.

Whatever road 2012 sends you down, may it be a great one filled with success!



  1. Good luck with all your goals, and happy new year!

  2. Hope some sleep is pencilled in, too! Good luck with all the plans, but just don't go mad over the dieting! Have seen too many folks like you go overboard, and get too darn thin!

    Happy New Year, anyway.

  3. Isobel... no risk of getting too thin, I assure you :) But thank you for the friendly advice.

    If only I could get anywhere near to starting a diet never mind going overboard! lol

    Happy New Year to you too! and to all others xx