Sunday, 2 October 2011

Product Photography

This weekend I have been experimenting with various styles of photography, but I have come to the conclusion that regardless of how much I really love a particular style, I guarantee that I will have grown tired of it in a weeks time.

So here are the latest few, please leave your comments on which you prefer, feedback is always welcome!

Here is my latest chalcedony ring displayed on a white tile, which gives a nice soft hue and a little reflection.

Then we have the dusty old navy blue book look, which I do like as well, navy blue always gives an air of high class or luxury.

This ring is available on Etsy: Wrapped by Design

Then there's the book page style and I've deliberately chosen a page that talks about the properties of chalcedony.

So I'm currently mixing up all three styles within my various listings as I just can't seem to pick one!

Maybe you can help me?


  1. I like the first photo with the white tile. The ring really stands out in that one and it looks very upscale.

  2. I'd have to say the first one. It really catches your eye.

  3. its really good to see people becoming interested in to still life and product photography as its mostly over looked as not as glam as fashion for example but i've been doing commercial product photography for almost 10 years and i feel very lucky as its a job and hobby so carry on and i hope you find it as rewarding as i do