Saturday, 22 October 2011

NotontheHighStreet - Experience So Far

I just made another sale with NotontheHighStreet and thought I'd do a post just to mention how I feel about joining them. Seller reviews are useful for anyone thinking of joining them, since the joining fee can be quite high (£££!) and not knowing what to expect after you join is a real turn off for many.

One thing's for sure, they promote and advertise like crazy! When they say that 1/3rd of the commission they receive goes back into promoting the NotontheHighStreet brand and it's partners, they're not telling lies. And even if you never get a feature in any of their emails or catalogues, just the fact that they have them means they are actively pulling people onto the site.

I do next to nothing to promote my NOTHS store, most of my energy is put into my Etsy store since I know that they don't advertise. I have been with NotontheHighStreet for two months now and in that time I have made 5 sales, which ultimately I am pleased with, as a beginner. Compare that with Etsy, which has given me 5 sales over four months.

I think joining NotontheHighStreet was a good move for the long run. As a jewellery seller, the commission rates on NOTHS are very agreeable when you consider that B&M charge 40%.

The only downside to NOTHS is that they don't currently have a way for sellers to track the popularity of their items... no stats! You just have to list it and see if it sells. I did ask NotontheHighStreet about this, they said it is something they are working on as they know it's an important tool for sellers.

So that's that really. Overall, I am happy with them so far.

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