Friday, 9 September 2011

What is Gold Filled?

Gold-filled wire is essentially two layers of metal, one on top of another with the outer layer being of solid gold of whatever type and karat, be it yellow, white, rose, 9, 14 etc.

The uppermost layer is always of the solid gold; however, the base metal beneath the gold layer is normally brass but can be other types of metal, such as silver.

The entire point of manufacturing gold-filled metal is that the base metal is something more affordable, which is what reduces the overall cost of gold-filled jewellery.

The way gold-filled is differentiated is by use of a weight system. Most typically, an item labelled as gold-filled is at least 1/20 solid gold in terms of its weight and in countries such as the US, items lower than 1/20 cannot legally be labelled or sold as gold-filled.

*All of Wrapped by Design’s gold-filled and sterling silver wire is manufactured in the US*

Is it the same as Gold plated?

The creation process for gold-filled is markedly different from that of gold plating, in gold-filled metal, an entirely separate sheet of solid gold is mechanically bonded to a layer of brass.

Gold plated wire, on the other hand, is simply copper wire that has been sprayed with a layer of gold sometimes as thin as a single micron, which is why gold-plated jewellery wears down to the copper very quickly.

Gold-filled jewellery lasts a very long time, in most cases it will last a lifetime of wear without wearing down to the brass layer. It is even possible to inscribe messages into gold filled jewellery without it reaching the base metal.

The fact that it is indistinguishable from solid gold both in terms of look and durability makes gold-filled an extremely popular choice today. 

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