Friday, 9 September 2011

What Darwin Can Teach You About Selling Jewellery

When you think of Charles Darwin, the thought of selling jewellery probably doesn't enter your mind.

At least it shouldn't.

Charles Darwin, a man of many notable ideas, who, along with a few others of his day, came up with one of the most widely accepted theories of the evolution of humankind.

Author of The Origin of Species, Charles Darwin insisted that, "Man tends to increase at a greater rate than his means of subsistence".

I couldn't agree more.

So what does all this have to do with jewellery sales you ask?

Well, the concept of natural selection is not so far removed from the selection within your catalogue of jewellery.

For every one best-selling piece of jewellery in your stock, there can be 10 or more pieces that do considerably less well and within that group, you will have one or two pieces of dead stock that gets zero to no interest whatsoever.

And just as a weaker member of the pack puts the stronger ones in danger, so your dead stock may be holding your jewellery sales back.

As much as you love that pair of earrings you made from your gran’s vintage cardigan, if they don’t match up to your best-selling pieces then you have to ask yourself whether it’s worth your effort trying to get people to buy them.

Surely it would be better to look at what items you are selling and simply make more of those, perhaps in different sizes or colours.

While nature may be here to weed out the weaker animals leaving the stronger ones to carry on down the line, nature isn’t likely to get up and remove your dead stock for you.

Trust in the system of Mother Nature and apply Darwin’s theory to your stock. As much as it pains you, just remove them and focus on getting more of what your customers do want, directly into their hands.

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