Friday, 9 September 2011

What George Foreman, Dog Food and Jewellery Sales Have in Common

We all remember George Foreman’s Rumble in the Jungle where he probably felt his career in the limelight was over.

And after more than 10 years in retirement, he leapt back onto our screens triumphantly winning back his heavyweight championship title.

His boxing career looked set to continue for some time, but then something else happened.

The Lean, Mean, Fat Reducing, Grilling Machine.

And kids today are like “What? George Foreman was a boxer? No waaaay! I thought he just sold grills”.

Isn’t it funny how life can turn things around in an instant.

And do you remember what shot him up to grill stardom? He was seen eating a burger on QVC, that’s right, he simply ate one of the burgers that had just been cooked on the LMFRGM, and that was pretty much it.

So what can a jewellery seller like yourself possibly learn from this?

Well, according to QVC, George Foreman’s impromptu snack caused an enormous spike in phone calls of people wanting to buy the grill.

Their phone lines were ringing off the wall, grills were flying off the shelves and cash was simultaneously flying into their hands.

The viewers were gripped by the idea that his pitch was genuine; he used what he was selling.

It was not simply a case of celebrity endorsement; he really did use the grill himself he wasn’t just selling it to you.

Are you seeing the connection now?

If you are the endorser for your jewellery, then you must be seen to be willing to wear your own pieces in public.

It’s no good making jewellery and saying that you are a handmade enthusiast only to be seen wearing something you bought on the high street.

Plus, wearing your own jewellery is a key way of getting your stuff noticed by others. I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked where I get my rings from.

And then, of course, I end up in a long conversation with someone about how I make and sell them and in the process of making a new friend, I am making a potential sale as well.

So in essence, what George Foreman has taught you, is that the genuine love of your handmade jewellery must shine through, not just in the way you describe it but by the very fact that you yourself wear it.

And now you’re wondering how dog food can possibly tie in to all this.

One word…

Dogfooding ;-)

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