Monday, 26 September 2011

Poll #3 - How Crafty Are You?

This week it's a poll on how crafty you are... or aren't!

Personally, when I see something cleaver, different, unusual, my immediate response is to know how it was made and then to attempt it myself.

Not everyone is like this, of course, some people just need a way to feed themselves/keep them busy/etc.

So what is your reason for making stuff?

How crafty are you?

Poll can be found on the sidebar to your right (scroll down a little).

1 comment:

  1. I'm reasonably handy with my crafting - have been a quilter, dressmaker, knitter, crocheter and rub-maker in the past, but have finally returned to toy-making, which I began when at boarding school in the 1950's. Have added renovating to the list of "skills" and think I've finally found a hobby that pays (a little), keeps my increasingly arthritic fingers moving, satisfies my need to create and generally keeps me out of mischief! Hope that happens to everyone in the craft world. Makes life a little easier to cope with, I believe.