Monday, 26 September 2011

My Latest Gold Wire Wrapped Rings

I have been looking for new designs that I can offer for a much lower rate on both Etsy and Art Fire, but I didn't want to compromise on the quality so I have opted for a much simpler design, where just the bezel setting is knitted but the rest is simply wrapped.

This reduces the amount of time I spend making the ring and is a massive reduction in the amount of gold/silver wire actually used. And therefore, I can charge a lot less for these than I do for my usual crochet rings.
Here's a picture of my first couple of wire wrapped rings that I made this weekend...

Excuse the awful picture! I only have my iPhone at the moment... better pictures coming soon! 

So this is a matching set, 5 stone half eternity ring and a matching solitaire, both made using rhodolite garnets and 14K gold filled wire.

The solitaire garnet is encased in a Viking knit, as you might just be able to make out from the picture.

They are lightweight and seem fragile off the finger, but once they're on they don't feel any different to an ordinary ring, which is a plus!

Now, I'm just left with the decision on how much to charge for a single ring and for a set like this. 


  1. Do like this new design - some rings (and I'm not including yours) can look like knuckle dusters, which I realise is not the reason for their existence! Think you've found something with real potential Good luck with it!

  2. Thank you Isobel! Yes I know the type you mean... the larger ones can look a little aggressive!

  3. Wow...look at the gorgeous rings! Very Very beautiful rings!