Thursday, 15 September 2011

Ministers Call for Sell-by Dates to be Scrapped

in a Bid to Reduce £12bn Yearly Edible Food Wastage.

Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman has said that confusing labels of food packaging is behind at least £750m worth of food wastage each year in Britain.

Packaging currently carries a number of advisory dates, such as sell-by, use-by, best before, and display until. Most of which is irrelevant to buyers.

According to the Department of Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), only the use-by date is required, as this indicates when the food is safe to eat.

BBC News


Personally, unless it's a meat based item, I tend not to bother with use-by or sell-by dates. My motto is; if it smells bad, don't eat it!

How about you, do you bother with use-by/sell-by dates?


  1. Not really, I'm usually a eyes, ears and nose person. If it passes those three tests, I'm more likely to take a chance if the use by date is within a couple of weeks. After a month - I toss.

  2. It's about time they rationalised these labels. I hate waste, and all that food going into the bin just because the display dates are expired! Let's hope they don't find another way to make us buy more - because, in the end, that's really what the supermarkets are all interested in! Cynical? Maybe...but that's my thought!

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