Friday, 9 September 2011

An Engagement Wing?

What would your husband-to-be propose to you with? I bet it wouldn't be with an engagement wing!!

No no, it's not a typo.

If your answer is no, which it probably is, then it’s because he's unaware of a women's deep love of amber.

Sure, all women love diamonds too, but that does not mean your engagement ring can't be of something else.

If your husband-to-be is as smart as the Jurassic Park professor, he would wow you with a gleaming rock of dinosaur DNA. Ok, maybe not dinosaur blood, but definitely a fly's wing at the very least!

We're all very aware that Diamonds are Forever – thank you DeBeers – but how about sun-kissed amber, formerly treasured by ancient brides-to-be, complete with a Neolithic fly inclusion?

Show off your gorgeous, sun kissed gemstone and instead of cultivating envy, harvest interest in the stories your engagement ring comes with.

Tell them the mythical legends where amber plays an important role, and of how it was once as precious and as sought after as gold.

Known as "Northern Gold", amber has been loved throughout the ages, it was first cultivated around 9500BC and its beauty has been appreciated ever since.
Many mythical stories have included amber and most revolve around its relation to the sun, since amber is essentially sun-dried tree resin.

“The new-made trees in tears of amber run,
Which, harden'd into value by the sun,
Distill for ever on the streams below:
The limpid streams their radiant treasure show,
Mixt in the sand; whence the rich drops convey'd
Shine in the dress of the bright Latian maid.”

Metamorphosis (The Story of Phaeton) – By Ovid

Imagine owning a piece of jewellery that contains amber once treasured by Neolithics! An amazing thought. Now that’s what I call recycling!

Aside from having an alluring sun-like glow, amber also has superb healing properties; it is an ionized stone that helps to stave off radiation sickness; something we all need to protect ourselves from in this age of reactor melt-downs!

Amber also has a range of benefits for the body that would be more suitable to the typical illnesses of mature people, such as memory loss as well as joint pain.

Any woman would appreciate a gift of amber, given its natural qualities and its collection of historical energy.

Naturally, amber stone goes very well with gold and gold tone metals. The colours bounce off each other, creating an extra warm tone.

And due to amber’s historical usage, we find that pieces of amber jewellery naturally carry an air of ancient class.

Amber can be bought with various types of inclusions, not just your good old fly’s wing.

All manner of insects have been trapped in tree resin over the years and as a result, we have a very good collection of amber with interesting inclusions that range from small midges and flies to larger spiders and scorpions.

Just how strange you want your engagement ring to be is entirely up to you, it will certainly make for an excellent ice-breaker, something you will need when meeting and greeting distant rellies at the reception!

While amber might not be as dazzling as a diamond in terms of brilliance, with an amber engagement ring we can delight in owning a piece of Neolithic gold treasured by the ancients.

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