Saturday, 10 September 2011

Charity Shops and Dirty Needles

The first day of my holiday has arrived and I finally ventured out into the real world to do some pleasure shopping i.e. moping around Hammersmith checking out the charity shops, reeling in horror at the prices and then walking a few shops down to find cheaper items in Primark.

You know life is upside down when the second hand shops are more expensive than the normal ones!

Anyway, even Primark had me laughing with their ridiculous attempts at ripping off the handmade market. Mass-produced handmade doesn’t quite cut it… having said that, I did buy a £5 cream knitted snood that’s absolutely divine! But enough about that treachery.

I do love London, but the pollution is so high, you can’t walk outside for more than 5 minutes without your skin becoming sticky not to mention being harassed by preachers and coming way too close to dirty needles…

I stopped off in one charity shop and spotted a really nice brown leather handbag, I stuck my hand in it to see if it had a label only to find that someone had left a needle in there!!! Yes… I said a NEEDLE! As in one that is used to give insulin shots or something like that. My initial thought was… have I just caught Hep C?? My second thought was… this is a dead lady’s handbag. 

I promptly left the shop after handing the bag in to the lady behind the counter. She actually had the cheek to ask me if I wanted the bag.

errm no!

Then I was stopped by an old lady from Ghana (a speaker's corner veteran) who wanted to know if I had heard of Jesus Christ, she had me there for like 15 minutes and I could tell she was desperate to argue with me, but I was too busy turning the other cheek.

And can you believe it… I checked out two separate GAME shops for Dynasty Warriors 7 and neither of them had it!

What a joke. 

So yeah, that was my day! Maybe tomorrow will be a better one.


  1. Horror at the needle in the bag-how revolting! That shop should be reported or something~how FILTHY! Hope the rest of your holiday goes a lot better than this...I found you on EBT and am following now♥


  2. Thank you! Yes, I hope it improves too :)

    I've been on EBT for a while, but only just opened up my blog so... thanks for stopping by!