Saturday, 17 September 2011

5 Easy Ways to Get More Page Views on Etsy

Your carefully handcrafted items. You knew they had to be just right to get those buyers into your store.

You spent hours photographing each one, you deliberated endlessly over what price you should charge.

You listed each one with ambition and hope, and what happened?

No one came by.

No page views, no favourites, no treasury features.

It’s enough to drive you off Etsy for good, and it does. Numerous artisans drop Etsy before they even have a chance to make their first sale.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Should you embark on a 10 day intensive training course that will teach you how to be found on Etsy?

No, not really. Gaining views is actually not as hard you might think and it can be as simple as tweaking a few things in your store.

Be Relevant

Etsy recently changed their default search from recent to relevant, which means that you need to get relevant if you want your items to be found.

Ensuring that your title, description, and tags all have the same few keywords in them that your buyers are likely to be typing in the search bar will drastically increase your chances of rising up in relevancy.

Be Expensive

Relevancy is not the only way to search for things and being expensive can get you up at the top of the ‘Highest Price’ search results.

Perhaps it’s worth having one or two expensive items just to catch the eye of Etsians who use the highest first search filter.

And you can guess what’s coming next.

Be Cheap

Most if not all Etsians use the ‘Lowest Price’ search filter at some point depending on what they’re looking for, everyone wants a bargain right?

Although this end tends to get pretty crowded, it’s better than being lost somewhere in the middle.

Price a few items lower down the scale to attract those bargain hunters who might just come back and invest in something more pricey later on.

Be an Active Forum Member

Almost every time I post in the forums on Etsy I get a bunch of new views plus a handful of favourites and even a few circles.

It may not be ‘quality’ traffic in terms of potential buyers, but the more favourites and circles you get the better your chances of showing up in treasuries, which we all know could lead to a front page spot.

Be Recent

This is so last Tuesday! But consistent relisting is actually still an effective way of being seen.

Along the top of the relevant search page, you have 4 of the most recent listings in that category, so all is not lost even if you aren’t relevant enough to reach the first page.

What are your tricks to gaining views? 


Etsy recently made another change, the 4 listings along the top are no longer the most recent items, they are now Etsy's new 'Search Ads' and from what I've heard, it's pretty cheap to get an ad placed up there. Relisting still counts as a good way of gaining views, as google prefers fresh content and so you will have a better chance of being found in Google searches.


  1. Oh I agree. My weakness is where following the forums is concerned. Thank you for reminding me!

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